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Annotation transfer for function and structure within the sequence homology concept essentially requires protein sequence similarity for the secondary structural blocks forming the fold of a protein. A simplistic similarity approach in the case of non-globular segments (coiled coils, low complexity regions, transmembrane regions, long loops, etc.) is not(More)
The innate immune system is fundamental to the recognition of pathogens, triggering of immune-inflammatory response and host defense. Recent advance in this area has resulted in enormous amount of data, which are stored across different databases. Integrating relevant information from these different data sources is difficult because of their heterogeneous(More)
While the local-mode HMMER3 is notable for its massive speed improvement, the slower glocal-mode HMMER2 is more exact for domain annotation by enforcing full domain-to-sequence alignments. Since a unit of domain necessarily implies a unit of function, local-mode HMMER3 alone remains insufficient for precise function annotation tasks. In addition, the(More)
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