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In this paper, we present a global adaptive output feedback control scheme for a class of uncertain nonlin-ear systems to which adaptive observer backstepping method may not be applicable directly. The allowed output feedback structure includes quadratic dependency of the unmeasured states and output-dependent nonlinearities appearing not only additively,(More)
This paper proposes a new resampling algorithm - Gaussian distributed resampling (GDR) algorithm - in order to solve particle impoverishment phenomenon in particle filter. The key idea of proposed algorithm generates the new particles based on Gaussian distribution, which depend on the size of weight in resampling process. In comparison with established(More)
This paper proposes a novel dissipative filter for Takagi-Sugeno fuzzy Hopfield neural networks with time varying delay. This filter guarantees (Q, S, R)-a-dissipativity and is regarded as a generalization of some performance indices, such as H<sub>&#x221E;</sub> performance, passivity, and mixed H<sub>&#x221E;</sub>/passivity. The linear matrix inequality(More)
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