Choon-Han Youn

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Computational web portals are designed to simplify access to diverse sets of high performance computing resources, typically through an interface to computational Grid tools. An important shortcoming of these portals is their lack of interoperable and reusable services. This paper presents an overview of research efforts undertaken by our group to build(More)
Exploiting our experience developing the WebFlow system, we designed the Gateway system to provide seamless and secure access to computational resources at ASC MSRC. The Gateway follows our commodity components strategy, and it is implemented as a modern three-tier system. Tier 1 is a high-level front-end for visual programming, steering, run-time data(More)
Application portals, or Problem Solving Environments (PSEs), provide user environments that simplify access and integrate various distributed computational services for scientists working on particular classes of problems. Specific application portals are typically built on common sets of core services, so reusability of these services is a key problem in(More)
We present XML schemas and our design for related data services for describing faults and surface displacements, which we use within earthquake modeling codes. These data services are implemented using a Web services approach and are incorporated in a portal architecture with other, general purpose services for application and file management. We make use(More)
We describe an information system architecture for the ACES (Asia-Pacific Cooperation for Earthquake Simulation) community. It addresses several key features of the field – simulations at multiple scales that need to be coupled together; real-time and archival observational data, which needs to be analyzed for patterns and linked to the simulations; a(More)
Web services have begun to receive a great amount of attention as the appropriate backbone for business-tobusiness interactions. Web services essentially do not present new concepts for distributed computing but rather implement important simplifying, standards-compliant ways for entities to find and invoke the appropriate remote service. These have(More)
Computational web portals provide uniform access to remote computational resources--hardware, software, and data--by hiding the complexity of the heterogeneous, distributed, high performance computing back end. These portal services may be implemented in a programming-language and platform independent way using a Web services approach. However, security in(More)
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