Choochart Haruechaiyasak

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Traditional approaches for studying consumer behavior, such as marketing survey and focus group, require a large amount of time and resources. Moreover, some products, such as smartphones, have a short product life cycle. As an alternative solution, we propose a system, the Micro-blog Sentiment Analysis System (MSAS), based on sentiment analysis to(More)
In this paper, a method of automatically classifying Web documents into a set of categories using the fuzzy association concept is proposed. Using the same word or vocabulary to describe different entities creates ambiguity, especially in the Web environment where the user population is large. To solve this problem, fuzzy association is used to capture the(More)
Recent research in mining user access patterns for predicting Web page requests focuses only on consecutive sequential Web page accesses, i.e., pages which are accessed by following the hyperlinks. In this paper, we propose a new method for mining user access patterns that allows the prediction of multiple non-consecutive Web pages, i.e., any pages within(More)
We propose a collaborative framework for collecting Thai unknown words found on Web pages over the Internet. Our main goal is to design and construct a Web-based system which allows a group of interested users to participate in constructing a Thai unknown-word open dictionary. The proposed framework provides supporting algorithms and tools for automatically(More)
The recent increase in HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) traffic on the World Wide Web (WWW) has generated an enormous amount of log records on Web server databases. Applying Web mining techniques on these server log records can discover potentially useful patterns and reveal user access behaviors on the Web site. In this paper, we propose a new approach(More)
—Fuzzy ontology is based on the concept that each index object is related to every other object in the ontology, with a degree of membership assigned to that relationship based on fuzzy set theory. This paper proposes use cases based on the related process of the terrorism event extraction using fuzzy ontology, especially the terrorism fuzzy ontology(More)
In this paper, we propose a new framework based on data mining algorithms for building a Web-page recommender system. A recommender system is an intermediary program (or an agent) with a user interface that automatically and intelligently generates a list of information which suits an individual's needs. Two information filtering methods for providing the(More)