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Fungal diversity notes 111–252—taxonomic and phylogenetic contributions to fungal taxa
This paper is a compilation of notes on 142 fungal taxa, including five new families, 20 new genera, and 100 new species, representing a wide taxonomic and geographic range. The new families,
Fungal diversity notes 1–110: taxonomic and phylogenetic contributions to fungal species
This paper is a compilation of notes on 110 fungal taxa, including one new family, 10 new genera, and 76 new species, representing a wide taxonomic and geographic range. The new family,
Towards a natural classification and backbone tree for Pleosporaceae
The paraphyletic nature of Pleospora is resolved based on the available morpho-molecular data, but further sampling with fresh collections, reference or ex-type strains and molecular data are needed to obtain a natural classification of genera and the family.
Revision of genera in Asterinales
In this study, types or specimens of 41 genera of Asterinaceae are re-examined and re-described and illustrated by micrographs and a phylogenetic tree is included.
Multi-Locus Phylogeny Reveals the Sexual State of Tiarosporella in Botryosphaeriaceae
A new taxon of Botryosphaeriaceae associated with Arrhenatherum and Dactylis was collected in Italy and introduced as a sexual morph of Tiarosporella and detailed descriptions and illustrations are provided.
A re-assessment of Elsinoaceae (Myriangiales, Dothideomycetes)
The family Elsinoaceae is revisited by examining generic types and analysis of molecular sequence data available in GenBank to resolve their placement in families or orders of Dothidoemycetes.
Poaceascoma helicoides gen et sp. nov., a New Genus with Scolecospores in Lentitheciaceae
Combined analysis of LSU, SSU and RPB2 gene data, showed that the species clusters with Lentithecium arundinaceum, Setoseptoria phragmitis and Stagonospora macropycnidia in the family Lentitheciaceae and is close to Katumotoa bambusicola and Ophiosphaerella sasicola.
Towards a natural classification of Dothideomycetes 7: The genera Allosoma , Austropleospora , Dangeardiella , Griggsia and Karschia (Dothideomycetes incertae sedis )
In this paper the type specimens of Allosoma, Austropleospora, Dangeardiella, Griggsia and Karschia were re-examined and are illustrated and an overview of the history and descriptions and illustrations of these genera are provided.
Additions to Sporormiaceae: Introducing Two Novel Genera, Sparticola and Forliomyces, from Spartium
This paper introduces Sparticola and Forliomyces gen. nov. with three new species in the family Sporormiaceae based on multi-locus phylogeny together with morphology, and Illustrated accounts are provided for the new taxa, which are compared with morphologically related taxa.
Chaetothyrina mangiferae sp. nov. , a new species of Chaetothyrina
Maximum likelihood and Bayesian analyses of LSU and SSU sequence data show that C. musarum forms a distinct clade with other genera in Micropeltidaceae within Capnodiales and C. mangiferae clusters in a poorly supported clade in Dothideomycetes.