Chongyang Xu

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Understanding ecological stoichiometry of plant nutrients and its relationship with vegetation succession in terrestrial ecosystems is largely limited to nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P). Despite it being an important element for most grasses, silicon (Si) is usually ignored. We examined ecological stoichiometry of N:P:Si in grasslands. We used leaf N, P and(More)
Changes in peak photosynthesis timing (PPT) could substantially change the seasonality of the terrestrial carbon cycle. Spring PPT in dry regions has been documented for some individual plant species on a stand scale, but both the spatio-temporal pattern of shifting PPT on a continental scale and its determinants remain unclear. Here, we use satellite(More)
Several studies have documented that regional climate warming and the resulting increase in drought stress have triggered increased tree mortality in semiarid forests with unavoidable impacts on regional and global carbon sequestration. Although climate warming is projected to continue into the future, studies examining long-term resilience of semiarid(More)
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