Chongyang Xie

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Advances in SONET/SDH technologies have introduced novel features for improved services mapping and provisioning, enabling many new avenues for new Carrier Ethernet support. However Ethernet-over-SONET studies have mostly focused on provisioning point-to-point Ethernet private line offerings. This paper considers the more challenging case of provisioning(More)
0140-3664/$ see front matter 2012 Elsevier B.V. A ⇑ Corresponding author. Tel.: +1 505 277 2436; fax E-mail addresses: (C. Xie), hamed@en, (N. Ghani). The advance reservation of network connections is an area of growing interest and a range of service models and(More)
Recent studies on inter-domain DWDM networks have focused on topology abstraction for state summarization, i.e. transforming a physical topology to a virtual mesh, tree, or star network. Although these schemes give very good inter- domain blocking reduction, associated inter-domain routing overheads are significant, particularly as the number of domains and(More)
The advance reservation (AR) of connections is becoming an increasingly important requirement for many emerging commercial bandwidth and scientific computing users. However, most studies in this area have focused on scheduling algorithm design and have not addressed implementation challenges in larger realistic networking environments, particularly(More)
This paper studies routing scalability in multi-domain DWDM networks. Although inter-domain provisioning has been well studied for packet/cell-switching networks, the wavelength dimension (along with wavelength conversion) poses many challenges in multi-domain DWDM settings. To address these concerns a detailed GMPLS-based hierarchical routing framework is(More)
Continued growth in data services coupled with the entrenchment of existing carrier infrastructures have inevitably forced a convergence of SONET/SDH and Ethernet technologies. As a result, the very notion of Ethernet connectivity has expanded beyond traditional local area domains into broader metro/wide area settings. The key enabling advances have come in(More)