Chongyang Xie

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The advance reservation of network connections is an area of growing interest and a range of service models and algorithms have been proposed to achieve various scheduling objectives, i.e., including optimization based strategies and heuristic schemes. Now given the time-shifted nature of future requests, rerouting strategies have also been considered to(More)
Recent studies on inter-domain DWDM networks have focused on topology abstraction for state summarization, i.e., transforming a physical topology to a virtual mesh, tree, or star network. Although these schemes give very good inter-domain blocking reduction, associated inter-domain routing overheads are significant, particularly as the number of domains and(More)
Advances in SONET/SDH technologies have introduced novel features for improved services mapping and provisioning, enabling many new avenues for new Carrier Ethernet support. However Ethernet-over-SONET studies have mostly focused on provisioning point-to-point Ethernet private line offerings. This paper considers the more challenging case of provisioning(More)
This paper studies routing scalability in multi-domain DWDM networks. Although inter-domain provision-ing has been well studied for packet/cell-switching networks, the wavelength dimension (along with wavelength conversion) poses many challenges in multi-domain DWDM settings. To address these concerns a detailed GMPLS-based hierarchical routing framework is(More)
This paper studies distributed multi-domain, multi-layer provisioning (grooming) in IP/MPLS-DWDM networks. Although many multi-domain studies have emerged over the years, these have primarily considered " homogeneous " network layers. Meanwhile, most grooming studies have assumed idealized settings with " global " link state across all layers. Hence there(More)