Chongyang Chen

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Smartphone has become highly prevalent in recent years. It demonstrates as a useful technology that brings productivity and convenience in our daily life. However, smartphone usage can also drive psychological and behavioral maladaptive dependency, which may result in negative problems. Given that research on smartphone addiction is still limited in the(More)
Along with its rapid growth of penetration, smartphone has become highly prevalent in recent years. Meanwhile, compulsive smartphone use emerges as a rising concern. Given that research on compulsive smartphone use is scarce in the information systems literature, this paper aims to reveal its significant determinants to enrich the theoretical development in(More)
Compared with other information technologies (e.g., desk computers), smartphones are being used anytime anywhere, which shows the unique phenomenon of extensive exposure. However, to date, the information system literature still doesn’t fully understand the association between extensive exposure and information technology usage. The purpose of this paper is(More)
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