Chongyan Tong

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A polyclonal antibody, raised against the squid (Loligo pealei) syntaxin I, inhibited Ca2+-dependent interaction of syntaxin with synaptotagmin C2A domain in vitro. Presynaptic injection of the anti-Loligo syntaxin IgG into the squid giant synapse blocked synaptic transmission without affecting the presynaptic action potential or the voltage-gated calcium(More)
[3H]Kainate and L-[3H]glutamate binding sites in a rich source of kainate binding sites, fish brain, have been thoroughly analysed here for the purpose of studying the correlation between kainate binding sites and L-glutamate receptors in vertebrate CNS. The brain of a freshwater fish, Telapilia monsanbica, was found to contain three types of kainate(More)
—For the renewal risk model with subex-ponential claim sizes, we establish for the finite time ruin probability a lower asymptotic estimate as initial surplus increases, subject to the demand that it should hold uniformly over all time horizons in an infinite interval. This extends a recent work partly on the topic from the case of Pareto-type claim sizes(More)
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