Chongquan Zhong

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When accessing industrial Ethernet, embedded equipment can realize remote monitoring and control based on B/S mode, which is the developing trend of industrial control network. In this paper, the principles and methods of dynamic interaction between embedded equipment as server and client browser using CGI and Java applet are presented, which are used in(More)
In order to meet the requirement of developing the information management system for project administrative department, the paper analyzes the MVC model which is commonly used in developing Web services and puts forward the MVCD model on browser/client/server mode. This model is regarded as guidelines and the whole frame structure of the virtual management(More)
The problem of missing data is frequently encountered in real world applications. In this paper, an attribute weighted fuzzy c-means algorithm for incomplete data sets is presented. The statistical representation proposed in our previous work is used here to impute the missing attribute values, and attribute weighting is involved to emphasize the(More)
When measuring a certain state, multisensor can be divided into several groups, then processed by grouping weighted fusion algorithm. Based on the measurement equation of the state and the model of the noise, optimal weights of grouping fusion algorithm can be obtained by the principle of maximum likelihood estimation, and optimal grouping way of(More)
According to the best temperature curve for the rice cooking, a new cooking process is put forward for it. To perfect its control, its process requirements and characteristics were investigated, and solution of some exceptions was devised in every stage of the process. Also, combining the new cooking process, an easier way is provided to realize(More)
Aiming at high function characteristics of small transformer, the paper presents its mathematical model of optimization design and puts DNA genetic algorithm to solve the problem. Then an intelligent design system for small transformer (less than 20kVA, one phase transformer and less than 50kVA, three phase transformer) is developed on the basis of(More)
This paper investigates the problem of asymptotic stability for neutral delay-differential systems. Using the Lyapunov method, we derive a new delay dependent sufficient condition for the stability of systems in terms of the linear matrix inequality (LMI). Numerical examples show that the results obtained in this paper significantly improve the estimate of(More)