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Hydrogels with a Memory: Dual-Responsive, Organometallic Poly(ionic liquid)s with Hysteretic Volume-Phase Transition
Interestingly, the as-formed hydrogels display an unusual, strongly hysteretic volume-phase transition indicating useful thermal memory properties, and represents a new dual-responsive materials platform. Expand
Photopolymer Resins with Biobased Methacrylates Based on Soybean Oil for Stereolithography
The accessibility of renewable materials that are both sustainable and competitive is essential to accommodate the rapid growth in consumption of 3D printing materials. We have developed biobased p...
Robust Superamphiphilic Membrane with a Closed-Loop Life Cycle.
A new generation of superamphiphilic vitrimer epoxy resin membranes (SAVER) to separate oil and water efficiently is reported, which shows strong mechanical robustness and sustains exposure to aqua regia and sodium hydroxide solutions. Expand
Tunable wettability of polymer films by partial engulfment of nanoparticles
A series of poly(methyl methacrylate) (PMMA) surfaces decorated by Cu nanoparticles (NP) with gradually varied morphology were prepared by high-pressure ${\mathrm{CO}}_{2}$ treatment at various timeExpand