Chongming Qiao

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A topological review of the single stage power factor correctted (PFC) rectifiers is presented in this paper. Most of reported single-stage PFC rectifiers cascade a boost-type converter with a forward or a flyback dc-dc converter so that input current shaping, isolation, and fast output voltage regulation are performed in one single stage. The cost and(More)
A Unified Constant-frequency Integration (UCI) controller for a three-phase three-switch three-level rectifier (VIENNA) with unity-power-factor-correction is proposed. One advantage of the VIENNA rectifier is that the switch voltage stress is one half of the total output voltage so that MOSFETs can be used. The proposed control approach is based on(More)
A new control approach for three-phase grid-connected inverters is presented. The inverter stage is a standard three-phase half bridge. During each 60° ° ° ° of line cycle, the three-phase half bridge can be de-coupled into parallel-connected a dual-buck inverter. Based on One-cycle control, a Unified Constant-frequency Integration controller (UCI) is(More)
This paper proposes an improved integration method to realize single phase power factor correction in continuous conduction mode by adding a ripple compensation network comprised of two resistors to the basic integration control circuitry. This method effectively reduces the total harmonic distortion (THD) in the input current. The proposed method is easy(More)
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