Chongjin Zhu

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Markov random field (MRF) model is an effective method for brain tissue classification, which has been applied in MR image segmentation for decades. However, it falls short of the expected classification in MR images with intensity inhomogeneity for the bias field is not considered in the formulation. In this paper, we propose an interleaved method joining(More)
Supervoxel segmentation has become an essential tool to medical image analysis for three-dimension MR image. However, in no consideration of the intensity inhomogeneity in 2D/3D MR image, the state-of-the-art supervoxel segmentation methods do not satisfy the further analysis, such as tissue classification according to intensity feature. In order to(More)
Though numerous segmentation algorithms have been proposed to segment brain tissue from magnetic resonance (MR) images, few of them consider combining the tissue segmentation and bias field correction into a unified framework while simultaneously removing the noise. In this paper, we present a new unified MR image segmentation algorithm whereby tissue(More)
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