Chongjian Liu

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The concept of entropy and its relevant principles, mainly the principle of maximum entropy production (MEP), the effect of negative entropy flow (NEF) on the organization of atmospheric systems and the principle of the Second Law of thermodynamics, as well as their applications to atmospheric sciences, are reviewed. Some formulations of sub-grid processes(More)
The universal principle that an open system can be driven to a state far from equilibrium, or organized, by strong negative entropy flow from its surroundings has been validated in numerous fields from physics and chemistry to the life science. In this paper, entropy flows for a severe storm are calculated via the entropy flow formula using the National(More)
The relation between the atmospheric entropy flow field and local rainfall is examined in terms of the theory of dissipative structures. In this paper, the entropy balance equation in a form suitable for describing the entropy budget of the Earth's atmosphere is derived starting from the Gibbs relation, and, as examples, the entropy flows of the two severe(More)
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