Chong Tow Chong

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Since its discovery, the asymmetric Fano resonance has been a characteristic feature of interacting quantum systems. The shape of this resonance is distinctively different from that of conventional symmetric resonance curves. Recently, the Fano resonance has been found in plasmonic nanoparticles, photonic crystals, and electromagnetic metamaterials. The(More)
Recently many ideas have been proposed for the use of a longitudinal field for particle acceleration, fluorescent imaging, secondharmonic generation and Raman spectroscopy. A few methods to enhance the longitudinal field component have been suggested, but all have insufficient optical efficiency and non-uniform axial field strength. Here we report a new(More)
We present the realization of a novel three-terminal electronic switch using phase-change (PC) chalcogenide material. This device subdivides a single PC switch into a parallel array of three-terminal subvias which are addressed with atomic-force-microscopy cantilever probes. This subdivision reduces the required switching current to acceptable levels. Vias(More)
Micro-particle assisted nano-imaging has proven its success in the past few years since it can magnify the nano-objects, especially the metallic objects, into an image then collected by a conventional microscope. Micro-shell, which is a novel design of micro-particle in the configuration of a hemisphere with a hollow core region, is proposed and optimized(More)
We present a computer generated hologram (CGH) based setup for displaying 3D objects. An optically addressed spatial light modulator (OASLM) is used as a display device. By using the OASLM, the diffraction orders caused by the inter-pixel gap of an electrically addressed spatial light modulator (EASLM) can be eliminated. At the same time the viewing angle(More)
Switching Field distribution (SFD) is one of the critical issues for writing in bit patterned media (BPM) for high areal densities. It is believed that the magnetostatic interaction is one of the several factors that contribute to the SFD. With the antiferromagnetically coupled (AFC) structure, the magnetostatic interaction can be tailored to(More)
A novel three-dimensional metamaterials tube is investigated to achieve passive resonance tunability. Varying its diameter, the resonance frequency shows a blue-shift from 0.75 to 1.13 THz. FDTD simulation reveals that this resonance tunability is attributed to destructive magnetic coupling among neighboring SRRs on the curved surface of the metamaterials(More)
Magnetic properties of nanostructures of antiferromagnetically coupled (AFC) Co/Pd multilayers were studied using hysteresis loop and first order reversal curve (FORC) measurements. The thickness of Co sublayer in the stabilizing layer of the AFC was increased in order to reduce the anisotropy constant of the stabilizing layer. It was noticed that the(More)
1. Introduction In data storage systems, the error correction code (ECC) failure rate (EFR) serves as the ultimate measure of the data recovery performance. There have been several papers on post-ECC analysis of the parity-check (PC)-code-based detection approaches for magnetic recording systems [1,2]. However, for optical recording systems whose ECC(More)