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Gastrodia sui sp. nov. (Orchidaceae) from Taiwan
A new orchid species, Gastrodia sui C. S. Leou, T. C. Hsu & C. L. Yeh is described and illustrated from Taiwan. The new species is closely related to G. callosa J. J. Sm. but distinguishable by the
A new species of Zingiber (Zingiberaceae) from Taiwan, China, based on morphological and molecular data
Combining the morphological characters and molecular analysis, it is confirmed that Z. shuanglongensis is a new species of Zingiber.
Aphyllorchis rotundatipetala (Orchidaceae), a New Species from Taiwan
Aphyllorchis rotundatipetala C.S. Leou, S.K. Yu & C.T. Lee, a new species of Orchidaceae discovered in Taiwan, is described and illustrated. It is related to A. montana and A. simplex. The
A New Species of Tropidia (Orchidaceae) from Southern Taiwan
A new species of Tropidia Lindl. (Orchidaceae), T. angustifolia C. L. Yeh et C. S. Leou, from Mt. Lilung, southern Taiwan is described and illustrated. The main difference between this species and
Notes on Phalaenopsis (Orchidaceae) of Hsiaolanyu, Taiwan
Taxonomic position of the Phalaenopsis species in Hsiaolanyu, Taiwan is reviewed along with the rediscovery of wild population and its habitat condition in and conservation status is presented.
Parietaria taiwania sp. nov. (Urticaceae) from Taiwan
This is the first record of a species of Parietaria in Taiwan, and is related to P. micrantha Ledebour, but can be distinguished from it by being a perennial herb with climbing or pendulous stems, leaves that are sparsely pubescent on the adaxial side.
Abelmoschus manihot var. pungens (Roxburgh) Hochreutiner (Malvaceae), A Newly Naturalized Plant in Taiwan
Abelmoschus manihot var. pungens (Roxburgh) Hochreutiner is naturalized in abandoned land of central Taiwan. The distinguished characteristics of A. manihot var. pungens include the ovate-lanceolate
An Observation on the Corymborkis veratrifolia (Reinw.) Bl. (Orchidaceae) from Lanyu, Taiwan
The size of this plant found in Lanyu is the smallest C. veratrifolia being recorded in the world.
Hetaeria Oblongifolia (Bl.) Bl. (Orchidaceae), a Newly Recorded Orchid in Taiwan
Hetaeria, comprising about 20 species, is a genus in the Orchidaceae and one additional species, namely Hetaeria ob1ongfolia (Bl.) Bl.
Supplements to the Orchid Flora of Taiwan (III): A Newly Recorded Species, Peristylus gracilis
This species is characterized by leaves presented at the upper part of the stem, the laxly arranged small flowers, and by the cylindrical spur that is much longer than the sepals.