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This study aims to investigate the association between ADD tendency, with or without hyperactivity, and all types of unintentional injuries among adolescents. This study was a population-based health survey utilising a two-stage random cluster sampling design. The study was conducted among high school students in Nanning, the capital city of the Guangxi(More)
In this paper, we introduce a novel block-based multiscale error concealment method using low-rank completion. The proposed method searches for similar blocks and utilizes low-rank completion to recover the missing pixels. In order to make the full use of the hidden redundant information of images, we seek for more similar blocks by building an image(More)
As a famous Chinese herb having good inhibitory effects on numerous human cancers both in vitro and in vivo, Scutellaria barbata D. Don attracts extensive attention worldwide. In this work, four flavonoids named scutellarin, baicalin, luteolin, and apigenin were simply and rapidly prepared from S. barbata by microwave-assisted extraction coupled to(More)
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