Chong Qiu Jiang

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In this research, monthly hydrological and daily meteorological data were collected across China for the period 1956–2012. Modified Mann–Kendall tests, double mass curve analysis, and correlation statistics were performed to identify the long-term trends and interrelation of the hydrometeorological variables and to examine the influencing factors of(More)
This study analyzes the impact of climate change on the eco-environment of the Three-Rivers Headwater Region (TRHR), Tibetan Plateau, China. Temperature and precipitation experienced sharp increases in this region during the past 57 years. A dramatic increase in winter temperatures contributed to a rise in average annual temperatures. Moreover, annual(More)
A new spectrofluorimetric method is described for the determination of doxycycline, based on modified enzyme-amplified lanthanide luminescence. Under the optimum conditions, Eu(3+)-doxycycline forms a ternary complex with lysozyme in close proximity and lysozyme can remarkably enhance the characteristic fluorescence intensity of Eu(3+) at 612nm in(More)
A high performance liquid chromatographic (HPLC) method for the determination of polyphenols in tobacco was studied. Polyphenols can be extracted from tobacco sample by refluxing with 80% (volume fraction) methanol, then subjected to degrease by solid phase extraction with Sep-Pak-C18 column. Chlorogenic acid, rutin, scopoletin, caffeic acid, scopolin and(More)
The Three-Rivers Headwater Region (TRHR) is the headwater of the Yangtze River Basin (YARB), Yellow River Basin (YRB), and Lancang River Basin (LRB); it is known as China's 'Water Tower' owing to its important supply of freshwater. In order to assess ecosystem changes in the TRHR during 2000-2012, we systematically and comprehensively evaluated a(More)
Chengde city is located in the agro-pastoral transitional zone in northern China near the capital city of Beijing, which has experienced large-scale ecological construction in the past three decades. This study quantitatively assessed the environmental changes in Chengde through observation records of water resources, water environment, atmospheric(More)
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