Chong-Ook Park

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Nanotransfer printing technology offers outstanding simplicity and throughput in the fabrication of transistors, metamaterials, epidermal sensors and other emerging devices. Nevertheless, the development of a large-area sub-50 nm nanotransfer printing process has been hindered by fundamental reliability issues in the replication of high-resolution templates(More)
We developed a novel low-temperature, wet-chemical process for the facile synthesis of metal nanotube arrays through the reduction of metal precursors along sacrificial metal oxide nanowire templates and demonstrated its applications to the ultrasensitive, low-power, mechanically robust, and flexible chemical sensors. The in situ dissolution of ZnO nanowire(More)
An anode-supported flat-tubular solid oxide fuel cell is an advanced cell design, which offers many advantages including a high volumetric power density, a minimized sealing area and a high resistance to thermal cycling. Infiltration of nano-sized noble metal catalysts into a porous cathode is known to be an effective method to improve cathode performances(More)
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