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Chaperone-like activity of β-casein
The caseins are major components of milk for most mammals and are secreted as large colloidal aggregates termed micelles. They have less ordered secondary and tertiary structures in comparison withExpand
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3-Bromo-3-deazaneplanocin and 3-bromo-3-deazaaristeromycin: synthesis and antiviral activity.
As an outgrowth of our program to explore 3-deazaadenine carbocyclic nucleosides, 3-bromo-3-deazaneplanocin (5) and 3-bromo-3-deazaaristeromycin (6) have been synthesized from a readily availableExpand
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Performance of a newly enriched bacterial consortium for degrading and detoxifying azo dyes.
To obtain a bacterial consortium that can degrade azo dyes effectively, a bacterial consortium was enriched that can degrade Metanil yellow effectively. After 6 h, 96.25% Metanil yellow was degradedExpand
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The carbocyclic nucleoside 3-deazaaristeromycin has shown biological promise but a library of its derivatives upon which to expand this property is lacking. To address this situation, the synthesisExpand
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The metathesis reaction for side chain construction in carbocyclic sinefungin analogue synthesis
Abstract The naturally occurring nucleoside sinefungin has found considerable use in biological investigations. More extensive sinefungin studies have been limited because few analogues have beenExpand
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Relationship between acidity and catalytic reactivity of Faujasite Zeolite:a periodic DFT study
The fundamental aspects of Bronsted acidity and catalytic reactivity of faujasite-type zeolites were investigated by periodic DFT calculations. The adsorption energies of ammonia and pyridine on theExpand
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A CHA zeolite supported Ga-oxo cluster for partial oxidation of CH4 at room temperature
Abstract A catalytic system for activation of CH4 under mild conditions is in high demand. In this study, Ga-oxo clusters in CHA zeolites were prepared by reductive solid-state ion-exchange followedExpand
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Asymmetric Hydrogenation of α,α′‐Disubstituted Cycloketones Through Dynamic Kinetic Resolution: An Efficient Construction of Chiral Diols with Three Contiguous Stereocenters.
This method uses catalyst loadings as low as 0.1 mol% and yields (cis,cis)-reaction products in good yields and with high enantio- and diastereoselectivities.
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3‐Bromo‐3‐deazaneplanocin and 3‐Bromo‐3‐deazaaristeromycin: Synthesis and Antiviral Activity.
To achieve a preliminary indication that 3-substituted 3-deazaneplanocins could provide a framework for antiviral drug discovery, the 3-bromo-3-deaza analogue of the naturally occurring, broadExpand
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“Bottom‐Up” Embedding of the Joergensen—Hayashi Catalyst into a Chiral Porous Polymer for Highly Efficient Heterogeneous Asymmetric Organocatalysis.
The title catalyst, which contains both micropores and mesopores and wide openings and interconnected nanopores which ensure its activity.
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