Chong Lai Joshua Lam

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This paper presents an accurate computation of outage probability in cellular radio system by using log shifted gamma (LSG) approximation to model the sum of correlated lognormal random variables (RVs) for a wide range of dB spreads, number of interferers M, correlation coefficients r among interference components, and noise power N. The proposed LSG(More)
We report the detection of multiple HIV strains in injection drug users (IDU) in Macao, which appear to be derived from subtypes F, G, and CRF12_BF. A total of 14 HIV-infected IDU samples were collected and examined. Direct sequencing was performed to obtain the gag, pol, and env fragments. The subtypes of individual viral sequences were determined using(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the molecular epidemiology of recently diagnosed HIV-1 infection in Macao for better understanding the epidemiology in this Chinese city, in context of its relationship with other countries in Asia and the rest of the world. METHODS Serum samples of HIV positive cases reported between 2005 and 2007 were collected from the Macao(More)
AIM Macao Cancer Registry was established in 2003. It is population-based and has been collecting cancer reports from all possible settings where pathological and management services are available. To get a better idea over the prognosis and survival of all and major cancer sites, a survival analysis was here performed to estimate the relative survival(More)
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