Chong Kim

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INTRODUCTION Scientific evidence supports spinal cord stimulation (SCS) as a cost-effective treatment option that, for many disease states, should be employed earlier in the treatment continuum. Reimbursement for SCS in the cervical spine has recently been challenged based on supposed lack of clinical literature. To refute this assumption, we analyzed data(More)
In the presently heightened security environment in the United Kingdom there are a number of examples of policy that must strike a delicate balance between strengthening security and endangering civil liberties and personal privacy. The introduction of national identity cards and bio-metric passports, expansion of the National DNA Database and(More)
Cirsium japonicum (CJ) has been shown to possess antidepressant-like properties. In the present study, we sought to identify which constituent of CJ might be responsible for its antidepressant effects and determine probable mechanism of action. The ethanol extract of CJ was administered to mice then behavioral changes were evaluated in the forced-swimming(More)
  • Amanda Rachael De Souza, Chong Kim, Z Wu, De Souza, W Q Xu, S Y Ong
  • 2014
2 Acknowledgements This thesis would not have been possible without a group of very important people and with deepest gratitude, I dedicate this to you. To Professor Ong Chong Kim, for your dedication and patient guidance as my supervisor. I have learnt a lot under your supervision and am inspired by your enthusiasm and unending thirst for knowledge and(More)
Aim The objective of this study was to evaluate penile anthropometry in systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) patients and controls. Methods Twenty-five consecutive SLE patients were assessed by urological examination, sexual function, testicular ultra-sound, hormones, sperm analysis, genetic analysis, clinical features and treatment. The control group(More)
The undersigned hereby certify that they have read and recommend to the Faculty of Graduate Studies for acceptance a thesis entitled " Efficient Data Storage and To my family with love and respect Abstract During the past decade we have paid great attention to a video-on-demand service which provides the combined facilities of a video rental store over(More)
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