Chong Khoo

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Apolipoprotein (apo) E and apoC-III concentrations in VLDL and LDL are associated with coronary heart disease. We studied the relationship between apoE and apoC-III and the abnormal concentrations and distribution of apoB lipoproteins in 10 hypercholesterolemic and 13 hypertriglyceridemic patients compared with 12 normolipidemic subjects (mean age, 45(More)
Apolipoproteins E and C-III are modulators of lipoprotein metabolism that could affect development of atherosclerosis. The prevalence in plasma of apoB-containing particles (LpB) that contain either apoE or apoC-III, both or neither, and the effect of estrogen on these lipoproteins are unknown. The LpB particle system, defined by the presence or absence of(More)
The maximum double exponentially weighted moving average (MaxDEWMA) chart and the maximum exponentially weighted moving average (MaxEWMA) chart are applied to simultaneously monitor small and moderate shifts in the process mean and/or variability. The Max-DEWMA chart has lower Type I error rates compared to the Max-EWMA chart for all levels of skewnesses.(More)
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