Chong Jiang

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  • Elizabeth A Kendall, Margaret T Malkoun, Chong Jiang
  • 1995
Potentially one of the most significant opportunities for enterprise integration is the recent development and advancement of agent based systems. However, before agents can be used as generic building blocks, a methodology must be established for the development of these systems. This methodology must encompass modelling, design, and implementation of the(More)
We study contextual bandits with budget and time constraints under discrete contexts, referred to as constrained contextual bandits. The budget and time constraints significantly increase the complexity of exploration-exploitation trade-off because they introduce coupling among contexts. Such coupling effects make it difficult to obtain oracle solutions(More)
We investigate multi-armed bandits with budgets, a natural model for ad-display optimization encountered in search engines. We provide asymptotic regret lower bounds satisfied by any algorithm, and propose algorithms which match those lower bounds. We consider different types of budgets: scenarios where the advertiser has a fixed budget over a time horizon,(More)
We consider online auctions from the point of view of a single bidder who has an average budget constraint. By modeling the rest of the bidders through a probability distribution (often referred to as the mean-field approximation), we develop a simple bidding strategy which can be implemented without any statistical knowledge of bids, valuations, and query(More)
— In this paper, we consider the problem of multi-armed bandits with a large, possibly infinite number of correlated arms. We assume that the arms have Bernoulli distributed rewards, independent across time, where the probabilities of success are parametrized by known attribute vectors for each arm, as well as an unknown preference vector, each of dimension(More)
In this research, monthly hydrological and daily meteorological data were collected across China for the period 1956–2012. Modified Mann–Kendall tests, double mass curve analysis, and correlation statistics were performed to identify the long-term trends and interrelation of the hydrometeorological variables and to examine the influencing factors of(More)
In this paper, we present a large-scale distributed implementation of the accuracy at the top algorithm, which is a new notion of classification accuracy based on the top τ-quantile values of a scoring function. Our implementation approach is based on the Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers (ADMM) consensus framework, written in Pregel (a unified(More)
Chengde city is located in the agro-pastoral transitional zone in northern China near the capital city of Beijing, which has experienced large-scale ecological construction in the past three decades. This study quantitatively assessed the environmental changes in Chengde through observation records of water resources, water environment, atmospheric(More)