Chong In Lee

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The newly reported human prostate-specific antigen (PA) is a specific histiotypic product of human prostate. With the use of a sensitive enzyme immunoassay, the circulating PA in prostatic cancer patients has been evaluated clinically. In 96 patients with advanced stage of disease (D2) and receiving chemotherapies, the pretreatment serum PA levels were(More)
OBJECTIVES Flow cytometric analysis of a paraffin-embedded block of tissue provides rapid and accurate means of analyzing the DNA content of a tumor. The aim of this study was to clarify the clinical significance of flow cytometric findings in early gastric cancer(EGC). Thus we conducted this study to investigate whether DNA contents of tumor cells can(More)
an aid in the diagnosis of prostate cancer since 1936 when Gutman et a!. (13) first reported the relationship between serum acid phosphatase and prostate cancer. They found that serum acid phosphatase activity markedly increased in patients with prostate carcinoma, especially in those with bone metastasis. Elevated serum acid phosphatase activity has been(More)
Acquired hemophilia A (AHA) is a rare bleeding disorder caused by autoantibodies against factor VIII (FVIII). Treatment with clopidogrel is a cause of AHA, but its clinical course is unknown. Recently, we treated a 65-year-old man who was hospitalized for cerebellar infarction and had a prolonged activated partial thromboplastin time (aPTT) with soft tissue(More)
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