Chong-He Jiang

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OBJECTIVE We evaluated the antiatherogenic effect of lycopene in rabbits fed a high-fat diet. METHODS Forty adult male rabbits were divided into five groups that were fed a standard diet, a high-fat diet, a high-fat diet plus 4 mg/kg of lycopene, a high-fat diet plus 12 mg/kg of lycopene, and a high-fat diet plus 10 mg/kg of fluvastatin, respectively.(More)
AIMS To determine whether C afferents can modify the gating of the Adelta micturition reflex in order to identify the neuronal site of interaction of the two afferent systems. METHODS Adult female cats, anaesthetized with alpha-chloralose, had their bladder and urethra catherized through a slit in the proximal urethra. Micturition threshold volume was(More)
Although visceral innocuous cold receptors have been documented, the central termination of their afferents is unknown. We used menthol solution (0.6 mM) to obtain selective activation of cold receptors in the urinary bladder of rats. Innocuous cold stimulation induced Fos expression in a population of neurons in the superficial dorsal horn of L6-S1(More)
PURPOSE We assessed the bladder cooling reflex in the awake cat. The bladder cooling reflex is consistently observed in anesthetized adult cats but not in awake, neurologically normal humans. This discrepancy could indicate a state dependant control of the reflex or a species difference. This study was designed to differentiate between these alternatives,(More)
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