Chong-Fa Zhong

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Objective. To investigate the changes of autonomic nervous system during acute exposure to an altitude of 5000 m by analysing heart rate variability (HRV). Method. 11 healthy male volunteers aged 18-30 were observed during inhalation of low oxygen gas mixture to simulate acute exposure to hypoxia. HRV was analyzed with both time domain and frequency domain(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the effects of short-term simulated weightlessness on lung function in healthy males. METHOD -30 degrees head down tilt for 45 min was used to simulate short-period weightlessness. Lung function of 12 healthy males, aged 18-21, were studied with plethysmography during seating, supine and head down tilt positions. At the same time,(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the changes in cardiopulmonary function induced by mid/long-term simulated microgravity with 6° head down bed rest (HDBR), and the effects of Taikong Yangxin Prescription (, TYP) as a countermeasure. METHODS Fourteen healthy male volunteers were randomly divided into a control group and a Chinese medicine (CM) group (7 in each group) by(More)
OBJECTIVE To probe the effect of 21 d -6 degrees head down bed-rest (HDBR) on pulmonary gas distribution and little airway function. METHOD The indices of the pulmonary gas distribution and little airway function (delta N2, CV, CV/VC%, LCI) were measured in 16 healthy male subjects before, during and after 21 d -6 degrees HD-BR. RESULT Comparing with(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the hemodynamic changes of pulmonary circulation during simulated weightlessness. METHOD 12 subjects were studied using echocardiography and electrocardiography during head-down tilt (HDT) of -30 degrees lasting for 45 min. RESULT Right ventricular ejection time increased significantly (P<0.05); peak velocity of pulmonary arterial(More)
This paper presents a multi-region level set image segmentation method based on image energy separation model. The image feature is extracted by using the image energy decomposition method. We represent the regions by the level set functions with constraint. The coupled Partial Differential Equations (PDE) related to the minimization of the functional are(More)
Objective. To find a real-time, quick and audio-visual method to evaluate the subject's physiological function condition and possible development. Method. Star figure technique was adopted to analyse multiple physiological indices during lower body negative pressure test (LBNP). Based on the character and stability of the stars figure, the steadiness of the(More)
OBJECTIVE To observe the protective effects of exercise training during 21 d -6 degrees head down bed rest (HDBR) on bone loss. METHOD Ten healthy young men were randomly divided into HDBR group and HD-BR exercise group, with 5 in each group. Both groups were exposed to -6 degrees head down bed rest for 21 d. The subjects in the exercise group performed(More)
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