Chong Eng Tan

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Trichoderma harzianum 88, a filamentous soil fungus, is an effective biocontrol agent against several plant pathogens. High-throughput sequencing was used here to study the mycoparasitism mechanisms of T. harzianum 88. Plate confrontation tests of T. harzianum 88 against plant pathogens were conducted, and a cDNA library was constructed from T. harzianum 88(More)
Primary esophageal small cell carcinoma (PESCC) is a rare, but fatal subtype of esophageal carcinoma. No effective therapeutic regimen for it. P21-activated kinase 1 (PAK1) is known to function as an integrator and an indispensable node of major growth factor signaling and the molecular therapy targeting PAK1 has been clinical in pipeline. We thus set to(More)
— The lifetime of Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) were limited by the fact that sensor nodes are battery-powered and communication is the main source of energy consumption. Once deployed, the entire network lifetime shows a strong dependency on the battery lifetime of individual nodes. Therefore, WSNs can only subsist on while the battery power is adequate.(More)
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