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This paper describes a sensitive method for tracing neural connections at the electron microscopic (EM) level using a new compound produced through the coupling of colloidal gold particles to a wheat germ agglutinin horseradish peroxidase conjugate (the WGA*HRP-gold complex). Visualization of retrogradely labeled cells at the EM level was achieved either(More)
Various factors that affect culture establishment, shoot growth, proliferation and rooting ofIxora coccinea L., a woody shrub, were studied. Stem cuttings (decapitated shoot, three nodes) were the most suitable explants for multiple-shoot proliferation, and when cultured on a woody plant medium (WPM) containing 2.5 μM BA produced axillary shoots which(More)
A new and efficient method for clonal propagation of Casuarina sumatrana by rooting stem cuttings is described. High percentage (about 60–70%) of rooting was achieved with mature softwood stem cuttings. A quick-dip of 5 s in NAA (1–10mM) solution followed by sand culture under high humidity were required for a high rate of survival and rooting of stem(More)
Revision surgery of cemented implants is indicated when mechanical failure causes severe pain and/or loss of function for the patient. Successful revision arthroplasty of cemented implants requires complete removal of the existing cement. Removal of old cement is an arduous task often causing damage to the surrounding bone tissue. In this study, the authors(More)
Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) were measured in the sediments of the Donggang River Watershed, one of the most polluted bodies of water in southern Taiwan. Field data showed that detectable concentrations of 121 PCB congeners were found and total PCBs were measured in 32 out of 33 samples, and 98 congeners were detected. The total concentrations of PCBs(More)
Intestinal wall movements may influence intestinal absorption by inducing flow in the luminal volume. Direct evidence for this is scant and weak. Such evidence was sought by mechanical and analytical modeling. Wall motions resembling peristaltic ring contractions were induced in dialysis tubing filled with a concentrated salt solution and immersed in tap(More)
  • C L Lee
  • 1979
A method has been developed for the detection of staphylococcal enterotoxin A in the boiled rice extract. The procedure utilized was the batch adsorption of enterotoxin from the cell-free culture supernatant by CG-50 ion exchange resin at pH 5.6. The enterotoxin was eluted by various concentrations of elution solution with different pH values. The(More)
This paper presents a methodology based on multivariate data analysis for characterizing potential source contributions of emerging contaminants (ECs) detected in 26 river water samples across multi-scape regions during dry and wet seasons. Based on this methodology, we unveil an approach toward potential source contributions of ECs, a concept we refer to(More)