Chokri Souani

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The automatic detection of road signs is an application that alerts the vehicle’s driver of the presence of signals and invites him to react on time in the aim to avoid potential traffic accidents. This application can thus improve the road safety of persons and vehicles traveling in the road. Several techniques and algorithms allowing automatic detection(More)
Wavelet transform coding has been drawing much attention because of its ability to decompose images into a hierarchical structure that is suitable for adaptive processing in the transform domain. This paper presents an E$cient VLSI design of one-dimensional direct discrete wavelet transform processor. The proposed architecture computes three DWT stages and(More)
Neural networks have been widely used for many applications in digital communications. They are able to give solutions to complex problems due to their nonlinear processing and their learning and generalization. Neural networks are one of the key technologies for the communication domain and accordingly a special effort may be expected to be paid to real(More)
In this paper, we present a new approach for the detection and classification of real time road signs from video. The proposed system is composed of two processing stages: detection and classification signs. The system has detected road signs by color and shape feature of segmentation color in HSV color space, especially red and blue. The detected signs are(More)
This paper presents a design methodology of a real-time embedded system that processes the detection and recognition of road signs while the vehicle is moving. An efficient algorithm was proposed, which operates in two processing steps: the detection and the recognition. Regions of interest were extracted by using the Maximally Stable Extremal Regions(More)
To design a hardware system we may use generated Intellectual Property (IP) cores from a library with optimized parameters. The IP parameters are area minimization, memory use optimization and speed acceleration. The designed system depends on such IP parameters. In this paper, we propose the design of an IP library optimized with different constraints. The(More)
Color segmentation is a preliminary step in many application computer vision systems today, as the detection of human movement, recognition of road traffic signs and video intelligent. Detection stage performance is therefore closely linked to the results obtained from the color segmentation. Detection and recognition automatic road traffic signs are(More)
In this paper we propose a new technique to detect and extract any part that we need from a 3D face. The regions of interest of our approach are the eyes and the nose. Moreover, we are interested in the extraction of the salient landmarks in 3D face. Therefore, in this paper a new method is proposed to detect the nose tip and eye corners from a(More)