Chokri Bahloul

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This study compared a panel of 10 enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (ELISAs) for the serodiagnosis of Mediterranean visceral leishmaniasis (MVL). The ELISAs were based on either one of the following Leishmania antigens: crude soluble Leishmania antigens (SLAs), recombinant (r) antigens (namely: rgp63, rK39, gene B protein, r H2A and r H2B histones(More)
During the vaccination campaigns, puppies younger than 3 months old are not targeted and remain unvaccinated for at least the first year of their lives. Almost half of the reported rabid dogs are 6 months or younger. Hence, we should recommend the vaccination against rabies of young puppies. Unfortunately, owing to the exposure of puppies to infections with(More)
  • Astrid Drings, Fachbereiches Veterinärmedizin, Univ K Hartung, Erster Gutachter, Univ, H.-J Risse +12 others
  • 1997
Abbreviations aa aminoacid ADCC antibody dependent cell cytotoxicity APC antigen presenting cell CFA complete Freund's adjuvant cpm counts per minute CTL cytotoxic T lymphocytes CVS challenge virus strain EBL European bat lyssavirus ERA Evelyn-Rokitmicki-Abelseth ERIG equine rabies immunoglobulin FITC fetal calf serum FITC fluoresceine isothiocyanate FFU(More)
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