Choe Changil

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Duration Calculus of Weakly Monotonic Time (WDC) is an extension of DC to allow description of discrete processes where several steps of computation can occur at the same time point. In this paper, we introduce Linear Occurrence Invariants (LOI) which is a subclass of WDC formulas and give an algorithm to check real-time automata for LOI using integer(More)
Production factories in which stable voltage is critical, e.g., electro-plating factory, require constantly stable voltage to minimize loss by adjusting incoming voltage in real time, even if low-quality electricity is supplied from outside. To solve such problem often being raised from the factories located in the area with unstable electricity supply, we(More)
DC has proved to be a promising tool for the specification and verification of functional requirements on the design of hard realtime systems. Many works were devoted to develop effective techniques for checking the models of hard real-time systems against DC specifications. DC model checking theory is still evolving and yet there is no available tools(More)
a.College of Computer Science, Kim Il Sung University, D.P.R.K Email: b.Department of mathematics, Kim Il Sung University, D.P.R.K Email: Abstract The sense analysis is still critical problem in machine translation system, especially such as English-Korean translation which the syntactical different between source and(More)
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