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the governments of the People's Republic of China and Portugal through a contribution to the UNU Endowment Fund. As well as providing two-thirds of the endowment fund, the Macao authorities also supply UNU-IIST with its office premises and furniture and subsidise fellow accommodation. The mission of UNU-IIST is to assist developing countries in the(More)
We propose a disk encryption method, called secure disk mixed system (SDMS) in this paper, for data protection of disk storages such as USB flash memory, USB hard disk and CD/DVD. It is aimed to solve temporal and spatial limitation problems of existing disk encryption methods and to control security performance flexibly according to the security(More)
Production factories in which stable voltage is critical, e.g., electro-plating factory, require constantly stable voltage to minimize loss by adjusting incoming voltage in real time, even if low-quality electricity is supplied from outside. To solve such problem often being raised from the factories located in the area with unstable electricity supply, we(More)
DC has proved to be a promising tool for the specification and verification of functional requirements on the design of hard real-time systems. Many works were devoted to develop effective techniques for checking the models of hard real-time systems against DC specifications. DC model checking theory is still evolving and yet there is no available tools(More)
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