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'Meals' consisting of several differently flavoured 'courses' result in greater consumption than meals consisting of identical courses. Experiment 1 confirmed that this effect is found in rats during the dark phase of a LD 12:12 cycle. Two subsequent experiments demonstrated that meals consisting of three or four courses in which only two flavours were(More)
BACKGROUND NHS Health Checks is a national risk assessment prevention programme for all individuals aged 40-74 that reside in England. Through the systematic assessment of an individual's ten year disease risk, this programme aims to provide early identification and subsequent management of this risk. However, there is limited evidence on how(More)
BACKGROUND There is a political drive in the UK to use assistive technologies such as telehealth and telecare as an innovative and efficient approach to healthcare delivery. However, the success of implementation of such services remains dependent on the ability to engage the wider population to adopt these services. It has been widely acknowledged that low(More)
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