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When developing an exercise program for pacemaker patients, basic information about the pacemaker must be understood. Atrial, ventricular, and dual-chamber devices can produce varying exercise responses and impact the exercise prescription. The type of rate adaptive sensor the pacemaker has will affect the nature of heart rate response, and therefore, must(More)
BACKGROUND NHS Health Checks is a national risk assessment prevention programme for all individuals aged 40-74 that reside in England. Through the systematic assessment of an individual's ten year disease risk, this programme aims to provide early identification and subsequent management of this risk. However, there is limited evidence on how(More)
BACKGROUND There is a political drive in the UK to use assistive technologies such as telehealth and telecare as an innovative and efficient approach to healthcare delivery. However, the success of implementation of such services remains dependent on the ability to engage the wider population to adopt these services. It has been widely acknowledged that low(More)
BACKGROUND In the United Kingdom, the demand for transplantable organs exceeds supply, leaving many patients on the active transplant waiting list with the majority on dialysis as the kidney is the most commonly transplanted organ. This is a marked issue across black, Asian, and minority ethnic communities. This article uses the Polish migrant community as(More)
Living and deceased organ donation are couched in altruism and gift discourse and this article reviews explores cultural views towards these concepts. Altruism and egoism theories and gift and reciprocity theories are outlined from a social exchange theory perspective to highlight the key differences between altruism and the gift and the wider implications(More)
There is a critical shortage of transplantable organs in the UK. At present, there is no literature on Polish migrants’ (the fastest growing community in the UK) attitudes toward organ donation. This is the first study to explore the views of the Polish community towards organ donation in the UK. There were 31 participants that took part in semi-structured(More)
BACKGROUND Incentives and reciprocity have been widely debated within the literature as an alternative to altruism to motivate the public to register and consent to organ donation. This pilot study was the first to examine the views of the UK Polish migrant community toward these issues. MATERIAL/METHODS One-to-one and small group interviews were(More)
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