Chloe Reynolds

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This paper demonstrates that classical content search using individual keywords is inadequate for mathematical formulae search. For the NTCIR10 Math Pilot Task, the authors used a standard indexing by content word for search coupled with search for components of mathematical formulae. This was followed by formula extraction from the top ranked documents.(More)
Digital Libraries will enhance the value of forensic endeavors if they provide tools that enable data mining capabilities. In fact, collecting data without such tools can result in investigators becoming overwhelmed. Currently, the quantity of highly dangerous radioactive materials is increasing with the advancement of civilizations' scientific inventions.(More)
Nuclear forensics search is an emerging sub-field of scientific search: Nuclear forensics plays an important technical role in international security. Nuclear forensic search is grounded in the science of nuclear isotope decay and the rigor of nuclear engineering. However two aspects are far from determined: Firstly, what matching formulae should be used to(More)
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