Chloe Poulain

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A prospective longitudinal study was undertaken in a geriatric hospital on women over 75 years of age, clinically diagnosed as either intellectually normal or having senile dementia of the Alzheimer type (SDAT) of varying degrees of severity. Mental impairment was assessed prospectively. Fifteen brains from this population were studied to evaluate(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the impact of long term cardiac resynchronisation therapy (CRT) on left atrial and left ventricular (LV) reverse remodelling and reversal to sinus rhythm (SR) in patients with heart failure with atrial fibrillation (AF). PATIENTS 74 consecutive patients (age 68 (8) years; 67 men) with advanced heart failure and AF (20 persistent and(More)
UNLABELLED The prevalence of celiac disease is higher in children with type 1 diabetes mellitus (DM) than in the general pediatric population, but may vary widely across countries. Sensitive and specific antibody tests are available for detecting celiac disease. AIMS To evaluate the prevalence in France of histologically documented celiac disease in a(More)
OBJECTIVE To analyze mode of delivery and neonatal morbidity according to chorionicity in a hospital birth center with a policy of vaginal delivery for twins. STUDY DESIGN Retrospective analysis over a 13-year period. SETTING Department of Obstetrics, University Hospital, Lille, France. POPULATION In all, 1009 twin pregnancies were included, divided(More)
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