Chloe L. Marquart

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The existence of forward internal models is a fundamental principle in theories of predictive motor control. There are indications that internal models are represented in the cerebellum. So far, no conclusive data exist on automated procedures involving predictive motor behavior. In particular, it is unknown whether single or multiple task-specific internal(More)
We report the rare case of a 74-year-old man who was admitted to our hospital with rapid progression of tetraparesis, which was most apparent in the lower right limb, sensory disturbances from C3 to S1 on the left side and recent onset of constipation and urinary retention. There was no known history of cancer. As MRI of the neck disclosed a cervical(More)
Living vertebrates are divided into those that possess a fully formed and fully mineralised skeleton (gnathostomes) versus those that possess only unmineralised cartilaginous rudiments (cyclostomes). As such, extinct phylogenetic intermediates of these living lineages afford unique insights into the evolutionary assembly of the vertebrate mineralised(More)
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