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Bee populations and other pollinators face multiple, synergistically acting threats, which have led to population declines, loss of local species richness and pollination services, and extinctions. However, our understanding of the degree, distribution and causes of declines is patchy, in part due to inadequate monitoring systems, with the challenge of(More)
HABITAT MAPPING Habitat maps were ground-truthed using a handheld GPS enabled PC with Arc Pad software (accuracy ± 4m) using the habitat categories (Table S5). Hedgerows and tree lines were mapped using Google maps aerial images (Google 2013) and area was calculated by multiplying the length by a mean width of 1.93 m (data from 14 hedges in Berkshire and(More)
An 11-month old entire male mouse was presented with mucopurulent discharge and corneal scarring of the left eye. This mouse previously had a history of ear mites that responded to therapy, and had undergone surgery to remove a large discharging mass from the left side of the neck. The eye problem was noted prior to surgery, but after the ear mite(More)
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