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Recent studies have demonstrated that neutrophils are not a homogenous population of cells. Here, we have identified a subset of human neutrophils with a distinct profile of cell-surface receptors [CD54(high), CXC chemokine receptor 1(low) (CXCR1(low))], which represent cells that have migrated through an endothelial monolayer and then re-emerged by reverse(More)
OBJECTIVE Synovial fibroblasts share a number of phenotype markers with fibroblasts derived from bone marrow. In this study we investigated the role of matched fibroblasts obtained from 3 different sources (bone marrow, synovium, and skin) to test the hypothesis that synovial fibroblasts share similarities with bone marrow-derived fibroblasts in terms of(More)
Experienced medical teachers were interviewed regarding creation and use of objectives for instruction. This paper summarizes reported advantages and disadvantages of objectives, describes reported changes in strategy with experience, and provides advice on the creation and use of objectives. Medical teachers agree that the process of writing objectives(More)
Recently, we identified aminothiazole derivatives of GE2270 A. These novel semisynthetic congeners, like GE2270 A, target the essential bacterial protein elongation factor Tu (EF-Tu). Medicinal chemistry optimization of lead molecules led to the identification of preclinical development candidates 1 and 2. These cycloalklycarboxylic acid derivatives show(More)
The Medical Audit Committee chairmen in each of the 70 general hospitals in central and southern Illinois were interviewed. Each chairman was specifically asked questions related to 1) the purpose of their hospital's medical audit; 2) how audit topics are determined; and 3) their committee's competence at developing, conducting and following up on the(More)