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Acknowledgments The principal investigators for this study were Carolyn Baek and Naomi Rutenberg from the mothers2mothers program for their support on this evaluation, and all of the program staff at mothers2mothers for providing input into project activities. Thanks are also extended to the interviewers and to the many women who were willing to participate(More)
The value of adding chlorhexidine to urine drainage bags of male patients treated with indwelling catheters after prostatectomy and other transurethral operations was assessed in a randomised, prospective, controlled was assessed in a randomised, prospective, controlled study. Chlorhexidine kept the contents of all drainage bags sterile, but the frequency(More)
BACKGROUND Antiretroviral therapy (ART) improves morbidity and mortality in patients with HIV, however high rates of loss to follow-up (LTF) and mortality have been documented in HIV care and treatment programs. METHODS We analyzed routinely-collected data on HIV-infected patients ≥ 15 years enrolled at 41 healthcare facilities in Rwanda from 2005 to(More)
In 1980 the Cancer Research Campaign launched a multi-centre breast cancer trial; aimed at repeating the Scandinavian Chemotherapy Study Group's cyclophosphamide trial, and the NATO tamoxifen study; thereby further evaluating the role of these two adjuvant regimens in patients with early breast cancer. Two thousand two hundred and thirty women were(More)
B and T lymphocytes have been measured in 100 women--71 patients with breast cancer and 29 controls--using sheep-erythrocyte rosetting techniques. Compared with controls (healthy women or patients with benign breast disease), there is a highly significant depression of T-cell percentage in all stages of breast cancer except locally advanced (stage 3)(More)
1005 SIR,-May we, through the courtesy of your columns, inform surgeons, radiotherapists and other interested doctors of a new clinical trial which will shortly be launched? This will be a nationwide study, supported by the Cancer Research Campaign, in which the main objective will be to compare two types of treatment. Patients will be prospectively(More)