Chloé Sauvage

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The cerebral and cerebellar networks involved in execution and mental imagery of the same sequential finger movements performed with the non-dominant hand were assessed by 3T functional magnetic resonance imaging using multivariate model-free analysis. Eight right-handed healthy volunteers successively performed execution and mental imagery tasks(More)
It is known that at any given force level, the lower-threshold motor units generally fire at greater rates than the higher-threshold units during isometric tasks of extremity muscles. In addition to this hierarchical arrangement, firing rates of motor units fluctuate in unison with nearly no time delay; an observation that has led to the concept of common(More)
Brain functional and cytoarchitectural maturation continue until adulthood, but little is known about the evolution of the regional pattern of cortical thickness (CT), complexity (CC), and intensity or gradient (CG) in young adults. We attempted to detect global and regional age- and gender-related variations of brain CT, CC, and CG, in 28 healthy young(More)
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