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Functionalization of quantum dots (QDs) with a single biomolecular tag using traditional approaches in bulk solution has met with limited success. DNA polyhedra consist of an internal void bounded by a well-defined three-dimensional structured surface. The void can house cargo and the surface can be functionalized with stoichiometric and spatial precision.(More)
A novel method for covalent conjugation of DNA to polymer coated quantum dots (QDs) is investigated in detail. This method is fast and efficient: up to 12 DNA strands can be covalently conjugated per QD in optimized reaction conditions. The QD-DNA conjugates can be purified using size exclusion chromatography and the QDs retain high quantum yield and(More)
Colloidal nanoparticles such as Quantum Dots (QDs) are promising alternatives to organic fluorophores, especially for long duration bioimaging. For specific targeting applications, QDs frequently require functionalization with selected proteins. In this regard, conjugation of proteins to QDs such that the nanobioconjugates retain the endogenous behavior of(More)
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