Chloé Chong

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Techniques to image lymphatic vessel function in either animal models or in the clinic are limited. In particular, imaging methods that can provide robust outcome measures for collecting lymphatic vessel function are sorely needed. In this study, we aimed to develop a method to visualize and quantify collecting lymphatic vessel function in mice, and to(More)
Lymphatic vessels play important roles in fluid drainage and in immune responses, as well as in pathological processes including cancer progression and inflammation. While the molecular regulation of the earliest lymphatic vessel differentiation and development has been investigated in much detail, less is known about the control and timing of lymphatic(More)
Lymphangiogenesis plays a crucial role during development, in cancer metastasis and in inflammation. Activation of VEGFR-3 (also known as FLT4) by VEGF-C is one of the main drivers of lymphangiogenesis, but the transcriptional events downstream of VEGFR-3 activation are largely unknown. Recently, we identified a wave of immediate early transcription factors(More)
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