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AIM This study aimed to derive meaningful parameters for immune monitoring during cancer vaccine development by analysis of the literature. METHODS This retrospective study was based on analysis of clinical trials registered at and published data available on PubMed. RESULTS The most common sample evaluated in immune monitoring was(More)
Therapeutic cancer vaccines are an immunotherapy that targets tumor antigens to induce an active immune response. To date, Provenge® is the only therapeutic cancer vaccine approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration. Although therapeutic cancer vaccines have not been approved by the European Medicines Agency (EMA), they have been approved in(More)
A study aimed at determining individual factors associated with participation in community treatment with ivermectin was conducted in a village hyperendemic for onchocerciasis in northern Cameroon. The respective influences of sex, age, place of residence, distance between the compound and the dosing point, compound size, and participatlon in treatment by(More)
Therapeutic cancer vaccines are an immunotherapy that amplify or induce an active immune response against tumors. Notably, limitations in the methodology for existing anti-cancer drugs may subsist while applying them to cancer vaccine therapy. A retrospective analysis was performed using information obtained from, PubMed, and published(More)
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