Chizuko Ishino

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We consider the quasi-static energy of a drop on a textured hydrophilic surface, with taking the contact angle hysteresis (CAH) into account. We demonstrate how energy varies as the contact state changes from the Cassie state (in which air is trapped at the drop bottom) to the Wenzel state (in which liquid fills the texture at the drop bottom) assuming that(More)
Posttransplant hematologic recovery was compared between 9 autologous and 11 allogeneic marrow transplant patients who received similar marrow-lethal chemoradiotherapies before transplantation. Although the autotransplant patients were infused with much lower marrow doses compared with the allotransplant patients, they showed adequate hematologic recovery(More)
Atorvastatin is a powerful new synthetic 3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl-coenzyme A reductase inhibitor currently in clinical use. Its effects on plasma levels of factor VII were examined in 30 hyperlipidemic patients. After 12 weeks of atorvastatin treatment, factor VII activity (FVIIc) and factor VII antigen (FVIIag) levels had decreased by 13% (p < 0.0001)(More)