Chiyori Urabe

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Although Kawasaki disease (KD), which was first reported in the 1960s, is assumed to be infectious, its aetiological agent(s) remains unknown. We compared the geographical distribution of the force of infection and the super-annual periodicity of KD and seven other paediatric infectious diseases in Japan. The geographical distribution of the force of(More)
Serum alkaline phosphatase-immunoglobulin complex was surveyed by polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. Its frequency among apparently healthy blood donors was 1/3,015 or 0.03%. A significantly higher frequency, 8/2,400 or 0.33%, was observed among patients under 60 years of age. There was an apparently age related, sharp increase among patients over 60 years.
We investigate the fluctuation of the top location of a sandpile numerically using the twodimensional discrete elements method. We feed particles to a sandpile at a fixed time interval and calculate power spectra from the time series of the top location. We find that the power spectra are approximated as power functions, and their exponents increase to −1(More)
We model the disorder-induced increase in fracture strength by applying a two-dimensional elastic network with an initial crack. The model has all the nearest neighbors, except those on the initial crack, connected by springs, which are randomly chosen as either hard or soft. All the springs are cut at the same force threshold. Our calculations show that(More)
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