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With the growing demand in e-learning, numerous research works have been done to enhance teaching quality in e-learning environments. Among these studies, researchers have indicated that adaptive learning is a critical requirement for promoting the learning performance of students. Adaptive learning provides adaptive learning materials, learning strategies(More)
PURPOSE The present study examined the psychosocial factors associated with the initiation and persistence of Internet addiction among adolescents in Taiwan. METHODS A total of 2315 students from 26 high schools were assessed in the 10th grade, with follow-up performed in the 11th grade, in Taipei, Taiwan. Self-administered questionnaires were collected(More)
BACKGROUND This study examined the relationships among cyberbullying, school bullying, and mental health in adolescents. METHODS In 2010, a total of 2992 10th grade students recruited from 26 high schools in Taipei, Taiwan completed questionnaires. RESULTS More than one third of students had either engaged in cyberbullying or had been the target(More)
A simple, sensitive and specific high-performance liquid chromatographic method has been developed for the first time to simultaneously determine the eight major biologically active ingredients, namely paeoniflorin, naringin, sennoside A, baicalin, baicalein, saikosaponin a, rhein and emodin of the Chinese herbal formula Da-Chai-Hu-Tang. The contents of(More)
This research intended to study the effects of utilizing games in Health e-Learning Network on teaching third graders in elementary schools about nutrition. The studied groups of this research were 2 classes of 33 third graders; the two classes were separated into experimental and control group. The experiment was implemented in a four -week duration. The(More)
The present study examined factors associated with the emergence and cessation of youth cyberbullying and victimization in Taiwan. A total of 2,315 students from 26 high schools were assessed in the 10th grade, with follow-up performed in the 11th grade. Self-administered questionnaires were collected in 2010 and 2011. Multiple logistic regression was(More)
OBJECTIVE The present study examined the relationships between thin-ideal media exposure, body dissatisfaction, and disordered eating behaviors among adolescents in Taiwan. METHOD A total of 2992 students in the 10th grade were recruited from 26 high schools in Taipei, Taiwan to complete a questionnaire in 2010. RESULTS The results showed that the(More)