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With the growing demand in e-learning, numerous research works have been done to enhance teaching quality in e-learning environments. Among these studies, researchers have indicated that adaptive learning is a critical requirement for promoting the learning performance of students. Adaptive learning provides adaptive learning materials, learning strategies(More)
As indicated by some studies, the problem of " falling behind " often exists when using computer-assisted learning with children, and gender may be a factor in this. While digital contents presented on various e-readers are promising replacements for paper-and-ink books, the question arises as to whether this emerging technology will have the same effect(More)
This study investigated group interaction processes in network supported collaborative concept mapping, and the influence of these group interaction processes upon the group concept mapping performance. A total of 36 in-service teachers and pre-service student teachers engaged in this study. It was found that group concept mapping performance was(More)
This study examined the relationship between parental and adolescent eHealth literacy and its impact on online health information seeking. Data were obtained from 1,869 junior high school students and 1,365 parents in Taiwan in 2013. Multivariate analysis results showed that higher levels of parental Internet skill and eHealth literacy were associated with(More)