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Prompted by a large population of children with renal stones seen in 20 of our country's teaching hospitals over the past 10 years, this study of urinary mineral excretion in normal children was performed. Fasting urine from 1,072 normal Taiwanese school children and 24-h urine collections from 125 children separated into three age groups were analysed for(More)
A virtual environment (VE) has been designed for functioning as a three-dimensional interface to a repository of images and sounds. This paper attempts to study design interface in VEs. This study first examines the characteristics of VEs. The difference between physical and virtual environments is also studied. The relationship between both is classified(More)
To investigate possible mechanisms of increased urinary calcium excretion and increased prevalence of urolithiasis in 16- to 20-year-old children, oral calcium loading and diuretic tests were performed in 120 normal children in three age groups (7–8, 12–13, and 17–18 years of age). Urinary calcium/creatinine ratios and 24-h urinary calcium excretion were(More)
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