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Keywords: Customer churn Rough set theory Flow network graph Credit card Marketing strategy a b s t r a c t Customer churn has become a critical issue, especially in the competitive and mature credit card industry. From an economic and risk management perspective, it is important to understand customer characteristics in order to retain customers and(More)
In recent years, social networking sites have received increased attention because of the potential of this medium to transform business by building virtual communities. However, theoretical and empirical studies investigating how specific features of social networking sites contribute to building a sense of virtual community (SOVC)-an important dimension(More)
Keywords: Decision support system Decision calculus Promotional time limit Sales response Internet marketing Hyperbolic functions a b s t r a c t Sellers usually set a promotional time limit to ensure that products can be sold as soon as possible in Internet markets. This research attempts to build a decision support system that optimizes the time limit for(More)
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