Chiun-How Kao

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Implicit memory is acquired by an unintentional or unconscious learning. Recognition memory involves either automatic knowing or consciously controlled remembering. We provided an event-related potential paradigm capable of differentiating memory for the explicitly learned, implicitly learned and unstudied materials. In the explicit memory, we obtained both(More)
Several common file synchronization services (such as GoogleDrive, Dropbox and so on) are employed as infrastructure for being used by command and control(C&C) and data exfiltration, saying Man-in-the-Cloud (MITC) attacks. MITC is not easily detected by common security measures result in without using any exploits, and re-configuration of these services(More)
Opening data of plenty valuable information as public dataset provides great potential treasure to academy or industry. Despite of de-identification process that most of data owner will take before releasing those data, however, the more datasets are opened to public, the more likely personal privacy exposed will be. Previous studies have shown that(More)
Symbolic data analysis (SDA) has gained popularity over the past few years because of its potential for handling data having a dependent and hierarchical nature. Amongst many methods for analyzing SDA data, exploratory data analysis (EDA: Tukey, (1977)) with graphical presentation is an important one. Recent developments of graphical and visualization tools(More)
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